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Requirements to applicants of SEZ «NIPT»:

1. State registration (re-registration) of a legal entity 
2. Development of the project strategy:
  • Project goals determination.
  • Market analysis is carried out for the project implementation potential.
  • Conformity check to the priority activities of the SEZ «NIPT».
  • Preparation of feasibility study. The applicant must have financial proof in the amount corresponding to the feasibility study. 
  • A decision is made by the supreme body of the legal entity on the implementation of the project on the territory of the SEZ «NIPT»(Certificate).

3. Preparation of documents for submission to JSC «MC of the SEZ «NIPT»:
  • Statement of intention to become a SEZ tenant 
  • Reference to the application and to the questionnaire for carrying out activities as a participant in the SEZ
  • Application form (contact details)
  • Certificate of state registration (re-registration) of a legal entity
  • ID of the chief / head of the company(passport or etc.)
  • Copy of document with individual identification number
  • Copy of the charter of the legal entity
  • Copy of the decision of the supreme body of the legal entity on the implementation of activities on the territory of the SEZ «NIPT» (Certificate)
  • A copy of the financial statements to the last reporting date, signed by the first head of the applicant or a person substituting him, as well as the chief accountant (accountant)
  • Project feasibility study, meeting the requirements established by the authorized body
  • The statement of the servicing bank on the movement of money on the applicant's bank accounts (the absence of a card file) and a credit report from the credit bureau, containing information on the full or partial information available in the credit history
  • The certificate from the state revenue office at the place of registration records on the existence or absence of tax indebtedness and other mandatory payments to the budget
  • Documents confirming the financial security of the applicant



1. Managing company of SEZ
  • Registration of application on the date of its submission
  • Check for completeness of the document package submitted
  • Verification of compliance to the declared type of activity with the priority activity of the SEZ «NIPT»

Management Company of SEZ NIPT concludes a contract with an applicant within ten working days.

On that day MC of the SEZ «NIPT» notifies the authorized body about this.

2. The authorized body (Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

An authorized body, within 5 working days, adds information about the new SEZ tenant into unified register of SEZ tenants and notifies the  MC of SEZ "NIPT" about that.

The MC of the SEZ «NIPT» then notifies tax and customs authorities about a new tenant, within two working days.

 Tax administration bodies shall register the SEZ tenant upon receipt of the notification, in the manner prescribed by the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 Based on the concluded agreement for carrying out activities SEZ participant shall cease the activity of its economically autonomous structural subdivisions beyond the SEZ.

Registration procedure for service/auxiliary tenants

1. Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities have to conclude a contract with a SEZ tenant, within three working days they have to submit application to the Management Company in order to get permission for provision of services on territory of the SEZ

2. Application must have attached: copy of the charter, certificate of state registration (re-registration), copy of the contract concluded with the SEZ tenant, copy of the ID of the head director, and, if necessary, the data upon requested land plot

3. Upon receipt of application for admission as an entity performing ancillary activities, the regulatory agency of the SEZ shall: check the conformity of the submitted documents with the list, register the application in the application register. Registration date is the date of its submission.

4. If the submitted documents corresponds to the list of the documents, approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the entity, is permitted to provide service on SEZ. In required, can sign a sublease contract of the land plot. 

5. If permission is granted, MC of THE SEZ NIPT shall inform the entity, submitting the application and customs authority within 3 days after the date of registration.