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In accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Combating Corruption", all state bodies, organizations, quasi-public sector entities and officials are obliged to counteract corruption within their competence.
In order to implement these requirements, the Company has established a compliance service, which, in accordance with the Regulations on the Compliance Service of JSC "UK SEZ NINT" (hereinafter the Company), is an independent structural unit, organizationally subordinate and functionally accountable to the Board of Directors of the Company. Systems of anti-corruption measures have been developed and are being implemented to identify, study, limit and eliminate the causes and conditions that contribute to the commission of corruption offenses, the formation of an anti-corruption culture that characterizes adherence to high standards of behavior, strengthening business reputation and increasing confidence in the Partnership.
In compliance with the requirements of the Anti-Corruption Policy, the Company takes measures to minimize the risk of involving officials and employees in corrupt activities when establishing business relations with partners.
For these purposes, the Partnership uses the following tools:
comprehensive verification of the reliability and business reputation of potential partners, their shareholders and beneficial owners;
verification of third parties and candidates for employment before making a decision on the beginning or continuation of business/employment relations for their reliability, rejection of corruption and absence of a conflict of interests;
prohibition on the acceptance by officials and employees of the Company of remuneration, payments, gifts and other tangible and intangible benefits for the provision or receipt of any kind of services, as well as on the offer of gifts on behalf of the Company and its employees;
On the pages of this section you will be able to get acquainted with the Anti-Corruption Policy and other internal regulatory documents of the Company on combating corruption.
Anti-Corruption Compliance Service

Regulatory documents on combating corruption:

Model regulation on anti-corruption compliance service in JSC "UK SEZ NINT"

Code of Business Ethics of JSC "UK SEZ NINT"